July 01, 2005

Meet Daniel Sheehan


A Harvard College, Harvard Law School and Harvard Divinity School-trained constitutional litigator and appellate attorney, Daniel Sheehan formed the Lakota People’s Law Project in 2004 to advocate for the nine tribes of the Great Sioux Nation, and to combat injustice in the Dakotas. For five decades, Danny's work as a federal civil rights attorney, renowned author and public speaker, and college and law school educator has exposed the structural sources of injustice in our country and around the world. Danny's dedication has placed him at the center of many of the most important legal cases and social movements of our time. From the Pentagon Papers to Three Mile Island, from voter registration to police corruption, from Silkwood v. Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corporation to the Iran-Contra affair, Danny has fearlessly and consistently tackled the most pressing issues facing our nation and our world. Danny’s lifetime of experience and perspective lends him a peerless ability to hold a room and provoke thoughtful discussion.

"Obviously, Dan Sheehan's unique background makes him an expert on the political and legal history of our nation. But what makes him a one-of-a-kind speaker is his ability to present that material within a compelling philosophical and ethical frame."

– Geoffrey Wallace, former ombudsman, University of California, Santa Barbara