Preventing Pipelines

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Take Action to Stop KXL

Tell your congressional representative and the UN Environment Programme's executive director to take a vocal stand against the Keystone XL pipeline.

Battling the Black Snake

The coming of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines have fulfilled the Lakota prophecy of a terrible black snake meant to bring harm to the people of Turtle Island. Our Native organizers stand on the front lines every day to protect the sacred systems of Unci Maka, our Grandmother Earth. Mni Wiconi—water is life!

Thousands Join Tribes' Opposition to Dakota Access Pipeline Expansion

LPLP attends the North Dakota Public Service Commission public hearing to oppose DAPL expansion. Over the past two months, LPLP and tens of thousands of supporters have joined the Standing Rock, Cheyenne River, Rosebud, and Oglala Sioux nations in demanding the hearing and asking that the Commission deny the dangerous plan to double DAPL's oil capacity.

Tokata Iron Eyes and Greta Thunberg Rally Rapid City Against KXL

Pine Ridge's Tokata Iron Eyes and Sweden's Greta Thunberg lead a hundreds-strong rally against the Keystone XL pipeline in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Greta Thunberg Visits Lakota Territory

LPLP is overjoyed to join the Oglala and Standing Rock Nations in welcoming teenaged Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg to Lakota Country. LPLP, Red Cloud Indian School, and the Oglala Sioux Tribe host a climate panel at Pine Ridge with Greta and Tokata Iron Eyes. The two also lead a panel at Standing Rock and a march in Rapid City.

AOC Welcomes Oglala Nation President Bear Runner and LPLP to Washington

LPLP joins Oglala Sioux Tribe President Julian Bear Runner's D.C. delegation to meet with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) about Keystone XL, the climate crisis, and the Green New Deal.

Tell Congress to Stop KXL

Tell the House Environmental Oversight Committee to investigate Trump's continued fast-tracking of pipelines through Indian Country. Your voice can stop the desecration of sacred land and water!

Video: Legal Tools from Standing Rock

In our new video, chief counsel Daniel Sheehan details how our legal strategy and the evidence we collected for the Chase Iron Eyes trial can help other pipeline protesters understand and expose the tactics of police, oil companies, and militarized security firms. We’re compiling and making these tools available to anyone arrested for protecting sacred land and water.

Milestones in Landmark Trial

Three short videos give you insight into critical developments occurring during the Chase Iron Eyes #NoDAPL case. Despite constant obstruction by prosecutors and opposing counsel, our team creates valuable records during discovery that will live in the public record to assist future water and land protectors. Chase's trial may be over, but we continue to stand in solidarity with activists everywhere. We'll never slow down in our mission to expose the truth.

Protect Free Speech: Tell Trump, We Are Not Terrorists

Policies violating the constitutional rights of activists and Indigenous people must end. Tell the president and his allies to stop treating demonstrators like terrorists. Please watch our video and sign our letter to Trump—then share it with your networks to ensure our voices are heard loud and clear.

Army Corps Confirms DAPL Leak Detection System Insufficient

An Army Corps of Engineers response to a public comment by the EPA confirms that DAPL’s “state-of-the-art” leak monitoring system is only capable of detecting a minimum leak of just under 1 percent of DAPL’s total flow rate. As the pipeline can carry 570,000 barrels per day, this means any leak of 5,700 bpd—or 239,400 gallons per day—won’t be detected. If DAPL leaks at a rate any lower then this, the oil must make its way to the surface and be spotted by an observer. If this happens under Lake Oahe, the oil will need to migrate the more than 100 feet to the lake surface before any action can be taken, at which point potentially millions of gallons will have been spilled.

Massive Coalition Divests from Pipeline Banks

A group of 15 US-based organizations announce they are divesting funds from ‘pipeline banks.’

Representing more than 13 million combined supporters, the organization include, Climate Hawks Vote, CREDO, Earth Guardians, Friends of the Earth, Green America, Honor the Earth, Institute for Policy Studies, League of Conservation Voters, The Hip Hop Caucus, Oil Change International, Potlach Fund, Rainforest Action Network, Sierra Club, and the US Climate Action Network (USCAN).

Veterans Deploy to Frontlines as “Human Shields,” Easement Denied

Over 3,000 veterans join the Oceti Sakowin Camp. President Obama denies the easement to drill under Lake Oahe, but DAPL owner Energy Transfer Partners states that they “fully expect to complete construction of the pipeline without any additional rerouting.”

The Intercept Exposes Use of Counterterrorism Tactics at Standing Rock

Pipeline Battles Shift to the Courts

After militarized police raid the newly-established Last Child Camp and arrest Chase Iron Eyes, LPLP Chief Counsel Daniel Sheehan steps in to organize Chase's defense. LPLP also provides litigation support to several tribes’ fights in Washington, D.C. against DAPL.

Water Cannons Used Against Unarmed Water Protectors

Police use tear gas, rubber bullets, and water cannons against unarmed water protectors in subfreezing temperatures during a confrontation at Backwater Bridge on Highway 1806. More than 140 water protectors are injured and/or suffer from hypothermia.

Standing Rock Divests, #DefundDAPL Movement Begins

In October, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe passes a resolution that ends over two decades of banking with Wells Fargo.

The website goes live. People begin to learn how to move their money, move their cities’ money, obtain bank officials’ contact information, and find a helpful information on alternative banks.

The #NoDAPL Fight Begins

In the spring, members of the LPLP team—including lead counsel Chase Iron Eyes and tribal liaison Madonna Thunder Hawk—join the resistance camps on Oceti Sakowin treaty land to stop the Dakota Access pipeline. In addition to providing organizing, logistical, and media support, LPLP petitions to prevent the pipeline from violating Lakota treaty rights and threatening Standing Rock‘s water supply.

Caption: Oceti Sakowin prayer camp, Sept. 2016.

DAPL Moved to Standing Rock

In an effort to protect the city's water, the Dakota Access pipeline is rerouted away from Bismarck to cross the Missouri River near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. The move violates Lakota treaty rights and threatens Standing Rock’s water supply instead.