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If you're boycotting Nestle, it's time to #BoycottStarbucks too. 

Last month, Swiss food company Nestle signed a $7.15 billion deal with Starbucks—the third largest transaction in Nestle's 152-year history. This "alliance" grants Nestle the right to market Starbucks products from bean to finished product, as well as take on 500 Starbucks employees from the US and Europe.   

Recently touting its decision to ban plastic straws, Starbucks should know better than to strike a deal with Nestle, as it is undoubtedly one of the world's most environmentally-unsound corporations.

#BoycottStarbucks as part of the #NestlePledge, and find a more eco-conscious way to fill your coffee cup.

Here are six companies owned by Starbucks

Seattle's Best Coffee
Evolution Fresh 
- Ethos Water 
Tazo Tea
- Torrefazione Italia Coffee